Module #2: Azure SQL + SQL Server 2016 + Azure Storage

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Learn and experience leveraging SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) within Visual Studio 2017 to create and manage schemas, as well as leveraging the Azure SDK to connect to and populating Azure Blob Storage.



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Training (MVA)





The Discussion

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    I would disagree with your full featured statement around SQL 2016 - Azure SQL is a testing bed in cloud and then rolled into SQL 2016 examples being Row Level Security. In the end SQL 2016 will have all features but releases less often and will make this less current when Azure SQL adds new features.

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    @mikewalker74:To qualify Row Level Security was in Azure SQL before SQL Server had the feature included in SQL Server 2016  

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    @mikewalker74: In general I would say your statement is accurate, although I think my perspective was more focused on things like R and IMOLTP and the extended security only available in SQL Server 2016. Things like RLS were certainly in Azure SQL before SQL 2016, but SQL Server 2016 is a bit more "OnPrem and AD ready" when it comes to security models that aren't just "in place", like encryption. Agree?

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