Agile project management with Visual Studio Team Services

Play Agile project management with Visual Studio Team Services
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Aaron and Sondra show you how to transform the way you work with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). Whether you're a Kanban team hyper focused on WIP and cycle time, or a Scrum team trying to nail every sprint, VSTS has the tools you need to keep your teams moving fast and aligned on what's important.


DevOps, VSTS, Kanban, Agile




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The Discussion

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    I'm still on slide 2 or sth. I stopped watching and started searching for the board hub extension. That is (needs evaluation) exactly what I was looking for quite some time now. Unfortunately I cannot find it in the marketplace. Where is it? How do I get it? I want to try it.

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    @lapsus: the Boards hub is currently in an internal preview. However, you can still access Kanban boards from the Backlogs menu item under the Work hub. 

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    @sbatbold: Is there an estimated time frame for when that will be available in public preview? It looked really awesome and exactly what my team could use.

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    @Tanzrocket:I can't share an exact date just yet, but I would look out for it this spring :)

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    Stan Agile

    Interesting Demo, cool to see what's possible to do with the new tools. And it looks easy to use also, as some people are sometimes allergic to technology, better make the whole thing easy.
    At Zenkit, we wanted a tool that have the Agile flexibility to manage our project, so we created a free online system to do so, along with an article on the methodology and we'd love your feedbacks :

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    When will the Boards Hub be released? It's Summer and the belief was it would be ready in the Spring

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