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The Discussion

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    Can this project be downloaded from github like BikeRider?

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    we will be releasing the source mid-decemberish

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    Hello, is there any way to install VS for Mac Preview (with Mono dependencies, Xamarin.iOs, ...) side by side with VS for Mac Stable like on Windows?

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    It so hard to learn Xamarin, because it keep on changing and only OLD videos are showing up.
    The PCL is no longer available on the VS2017 15.5, no video showing how to use the latest .Net Standard. I am stuck in the middle of a PCL project that I needed to redo, after i update to 15.5 it stop working and gave me tones of errors. This is a new video and James showing PCL project…what a joke!
    I wish there was a place you can learn Xamarin, James keep on repeating the same stuff again and again and again in most of the videos. Please create NEW project in the latest technology.


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