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    Juan Carlos Andreu

    Sorry, but horrible speaker. Bad demo. And CiCd loop is broken because the migration changes from must be created manually, or at least that´s what he showed and you should know that it is the MOST important part of cicd for databases. Its the holy grail of this and he skipped it?

    BTW CC are gibberish.


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    @Juan Carlos Andreu: Hi Juan, thank for the feedback and the points are well taken :) I intended this session as an overview and availability of multiple solution choices rather than a technical session. 

    It is right that a VS solution should not have both state-based and migration-based database projects together. I wanted to show both project types in one screen to show the different approaches and it should have made it confusing for audiences.

    For migration-based approach, it requires developers expertise and knowledge to get it correct and run it through the CICD pipeline. The failure history in CICD for migration-based project again was not intended to show the technical correctness but showing the history of success and failures that could occur in practice hence another confusion. The point is well taken too.

    And sorry about the CC.



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    Good Introduction of CI/CD for databases. For me, all the topics are introduced very fast, but it gives a good overview.

    i´d like to see a full training on microsoft academy, edx or pluralsight.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. As for DevOPs+SQL, you can try using this one

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