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Azure: building applications using Azure Service Fabric and ASP.NET Core

Play Azure: building applications using Azure Service Fabric and ASP.NET Core

The Discussion

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    Hi, I am five years old in .NET. I am doing my Thesis Research on Microservices. now I am hang on experiments due to Service Fabric that how to use it, I can create it but don't know how to deploy and call it in another project. and also need help how to use other languages' services like java, php etc within one project how to call and deploy these for one project...

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    You mentioned a package for the project templates - can't find it on the blog. Can you provide a URL please?

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    @dobxml:It seems channel9 is terrible about providing the source code from the videos even though they mention providing it in the video! This is not the first time I have ran across this. I had to reach out to the author to get them last time. 

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    may i know how to get the source code for this demo application ?

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    Jose Antonio

    The source about the app you can find:

    git clone

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    Can you provide the demo with the dynamic creation of stateless and stateful services?

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