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Migrate MongoDB apps to Azure Cosmos DB

Play Migrate MongoDB apps to Azure Cosmos DB

The Discussion

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    I'll admit , the migration from a MongoDB application to Cosmos DB, from a developer / technical standpoint is simple. Where I struggle to convince clients to make this move is the cost. In CosmosDB, each collection requires its own , minimum 400 RTU, and some clients have complained when they transfer multiple collections, only their first collection is set to 400RTU , all others are set to 1000RTU, and they have no way through the Azure portal to set each collection to 400RTU.
    Even if they did, the costs, compared to MongoDB's DBaaS offering, Altas, is a fraction of the cost, considering they don't charge per collection.
    Until Microsoft offers a cost effective means to transfer MongoDB solutions to CosmosDB, this will prevent many MongoDB applications from changing their application data provider.

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