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Use SQL Server 2017 in Docker containers for your CI/CD process

Play Use SQL Server 2017 in Docker containers for your CI/CD process
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The Discussion

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    Great demo!

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    Hey Eric! can we get those scripts?

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    Is there a way to install sql 2017 analysis service or integration service on windows/linux container?

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    I think SA_PASSWORD needs to be in lower case {sa_password} for it to update found it used ignore it in UPPERCASE.

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    Great demo.  But what I feel is missing is best practice for prepping your database in a CI pipeline.  So assuming we have a database project in visual studio, how do we produce a reusable sql instance container for tests etc?

    My thought is, here is my website container at app version 1.2.  Here is my database at app version 1.2.  Off you go, and test it out!  But something needs to create a database at v1.2 with seeded data etc.  Any thoughts, demos, links on this?



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    @andez2000: That is far beyond the scope of this video. Standard and accepted SQL Server best practices apply. This is still SQL Server regardless of the platform it is actually running on.

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