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.NET development in Azure with Visual Studio Team Services

Play .NET development in Azure with Visual Studio Team Services

The Discussion

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    J Khalaf

    As a dev who has always deployed manually via FileZilla. This was not easy. There was a lot happening, and many of the things you were doing were very alien to me. Must I be a DevOps person in order to use VSTS?

    I was listening to Donovan Brown on a recent .Net Rocks podcast, so I was excited to attempt to build myself a CI/CD with VSTS just to play around.

    It turns out, it isn't as "easy as pressing a button" to get a Continuous Deployment Pipeline. There is a whole bunch of things one has to understand and setup.

    Where would someone like me start?

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    There are a couple options depending on your target.

    Azure DevOps Projects

    Yo Team

    Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio

    We also have templates to get you started when you create a new build.

    What we wanted Jessica to show was a little more advanced scenario.

    The links above will point in the right direction to just get started. 

    Ping me on Twitter @DonovanBrown if you need help. 

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    you can try VSTS Demo Generator

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