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Container-based deployments with Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, and VSTS

Play Container-based deployments with Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, and VSTS
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Watch this session to learn how to quickly build Docker images that run anywhere. Learn how to push Docker images to the Azure Container Registry CI/CD, and how to run them in a Docker Swarm or Kubernetes cluster. All from within a CI/CD pipeline, by using Visual Studio Team Services.

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The Discussion

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    what type of demo is this, add initials to the fill in the blanks, and clicking few options, is that what you call a demo, you're degrading yourself as well as folks who clikc and watch these, prior to presentation of something, must ensure how productive it's going to be for the observe, specially he/she is giving is valuable time. You live a productive community surely should know and appreciate the importance of time.

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    @systems:Hey there! This short (emphasis on short) demo was designed to be very high level and to demonstrate a few more advanced scenarios of what's possible with VSTS. I have MUCH more in-depth versions of this demo and have even blogged extensively about how to get started with CI/CD pipelines and Docker Swarm / Kubernetes on Azure. Feel free to reach out to me directly (@jldeen on Twitter/GitHub or if you have a specific scenario you're having trouble with. You can also check out my GitHub as everything I ever demo is always public. Ultimately, I'd love to help. You can also get the full power of my team if you tweet #LoECDA and we'll all help! Thanks for commenting!

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    I'm not finding the yaml folder (the templates) in github. Do I missed something?

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    @rene: Here you go! 

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    Good video to start with !


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