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Database DevOps with SQL Server Data Tools and Team Services

Play Database DevOps with SQL Server Data Tools and Team Services

The Discussion

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    Hi @Eric Kang, thanks for the session.

    SSDT look great, but unfortunately it isn't very useful in real world CI/CD, because it fail to update existing database if there are data. Unless I'm missing something.

    Without ability to write custom migration scripts for specific changes, like changing column datatype, or adding non-nullable column without default value, I have to update the existing database manually anyway.

    Do you have some tips how to deal with such changes?

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    @liero there is a project property to configure that and other options.


    i am enjoying the tests UI for my stoed provedures



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    The page does not play videos correctly on edge browser on mobile. I am using the note 8.

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    Do you have any examples with on premises (non-Azure) database deployments.

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    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for this great demo. I am trying to follow the same process to deploy on Azure SQL server. However, I am running into an issue. The release pipeline requires account with SQL Authentication support but in order to execute statement like 'CREATE USER [r_azure_sd_sql_admin] FROM EXTERNAL PROVIDER' we essentially need Azure active directory password/integrated authenticated user.

    So, is there support for any AAD authentication in the release pipeline as I am not sure if we can have a SQL authentication enabled for Azure AD user. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Please let me know your thoughts.


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    Such a useful video, thanks! On my way of DevOps process implementation, I use DevOps Automation tool
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    Trying to use SSDT on VS0217 and 2019 and can't get rid of "SQL71501 unresolved reference" and "SQL71561 unresolved reference". All these errors are in views

    I have added a REF to Master and MSDB. What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance

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