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    My x husband Michael Eugene argo and my half brother stanley author poe jr with suspicion my x mother in law Judy Elaine Brady Argo in along with certain other individuals and maybe I do have suppicon of the c
    Couple of law enforcement officers knowing of this threat to my life I was in hospital about 18 hours positive rape kit test they closed these individuals home off took there children put them in foster care detective said he would call me day after thanksgi ing this happen over. Lose to I 1 and half year ago I have run and hide bounced around on fear for life I never was wife to my I dated hom 4 years he never hurt me in the four years I took his beating almost daily it all on file at court house i never snichef on any one only giving for husband who I lived with all my heart I cover never told snd drove a my out run pthe law to keep him out I jail I am done i walked the strets a county ovet with my little dog for 13 years I done the best I could for since I was 4 years old I also found some documentations of every move i made car I drove and Judy argi what kind of mood I was she tried take children I work 3 jobs most time and my kids are my heart Nd the famy I always we were such a team I k own Mrs argosince 12 years she played on that fact and when my father in law passed away whom I did live dearly and told Mrs Argo to stop snaking or leave me alone and that I was a good mama she told me my father in law left everything at his job undone she they wasgping my little brother in law would not have money for college and children woild have get jobs and go colledge she said if I sign some aoptipn papers it's was just a piece of paper or meant
    Nothing but finally help our choldren get money for college not have to get jobs and school my little brother in landmark Argo would have money for college as well month went bushes said she would make her downstairs like my little placelive there with my work I my one job instead of 2 or 3 job and her son Mr stated hitting me again we would make him leave and we be ok I signed the papers serials month later she look arms and told to get out her home when we got tomcminn andtold congrats you have anew brother and new sister m I began to kill my pain with drugs in hopes to stay Li a to be witj my
    Babies agin one day she would not let them made my life hell I messed up lots after thishappeed my daughter Ndme demanding to see one when she turned 12 years there is a lot more to thos story I don't feel liketelling it all at this moment this is a very short version I am 48 year in 2012 my daughter was doing poorly Nd in legal I try to help her in so many ways I feellime I failed her 2012 is when the shaft Jamie matheny inform he had been aware of a hotbeing ace on me since2012 I call him to ask him why the investors never follow up wotj me on my legalcase he said Tony Jenkins iscity but then told me he had been so aware that a hit had been placed on my very life since 2012 I said Mr Mathieu it's 2017 answer it not your job a shefiff to inform me of this hit on me you recall. A death warrant for my life has been place since 2012 i pausefhat Mr Jamie mathhy I tho l since you such good friend with the x mama law go chuch have Christian part new years go
    Fishing my spn look up to and calls from time to time I know I made think a lot shorter cause thigh I thonk you helped place that me in 2012 I push record on my phone when i called you for legal purposes heh got quite ansi don't recall him saying Nything Elsa too me T that point I don't know and I hung up shaking I don't reAlly know who is reading all this if there is nothing legally you can do to help me please if you know where to send information

    I will. Be more than willing take a lie dectoter to prove i an telling the truth i dpnt i ow why ichoosewrite this all of a sudden this my daughter is doing badly again oi plan on show I grime tough love i done all i xan and getting through this issue of what had happened to when they held me for that peried of time my daughteri watch Mrs argo keeping baby girl to do bad things she would say to her about me make her. Cry break her heart this woman hD toldmy children that i died in a car wreak in Nashville she amoung other things Kayla my daughter could come home to me and tell me on phone did you really think iwas going tog let her live with youi had to tell my daughter as I watched little heart break hurt. Her bad in het little heart don't know hwell ican show her tough love but I trying very hard to help her i

    yfeeling like I am turning my back on her not answering my doorcause she has become very violent and hits me she is so angry if I could give her my last breath make her all better I would I would die for for her just to let her have happiness but it don't

    work that way

    It hurt me for her so badly no one responds to her comment on face book hurt me she made comment on face book no one would respond to her comment I know it hurt heart. She called a couple weeks ago said mama I love you and miss you I said Kayla i love you so much to she could detect a tone in my voice was different a little distance she called day before yesterday demnded me to tell her my real father address he is at home in hospice zaid stupid * a gr8 stupid ads * and hate all the sobs said she want to see hom my brother had stole some o as drugs I guess wanted to just drive by my dad's house and she if my brother truck is there daddy is dying. I told her I can't see him you have not seen him in over ten years please stay away and I let my daddy die inpease she called back several times screain at the top of her lungs I am so done with I. On my knees praying for very life tough love is all I got to help my daughther and pray I found my death warrant on Microsoft months ago I

    and pleaded the man running the front desk at motel room wi to come look this and make me a copy of this please he refuse hide the document in a folder or something enough said c
    If there not a legal source you can direct me to can you maybe give this informa3 to any one who may be able to help me legally with this warrent for my life thanks for reading sorry i sounded like was whinong i am at to get for every that has happen to mei do t have timeto be weak or broken i not angry I very sad disappoint I feel helpless a lot of times but God is good pray for my 2 boys and my broken daughter to become whole again and live life in all the help ess she deseves thanks be safe and God bless u if this ismixed i did the best I could i said more than I wanted to please keep my children And me in mind thank so much Alana cheryl pie

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