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Find and diagnose performance issues with Azure Application Insights

Play Find and diagnose performance issues with Azure Application Insights
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Stop chasing illusive performance issues in your production web services and save time by using the brand-new APM v2 in Application Insights. Get full-screen interactive triage, deep dive into call trees with the AI profiler, see a holistic view of your dependencies, and take it to the next level with Analytics. Performance engineering doesn't have to be rocket science!

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    One of the coolest things with AI profiler that is now a part of Application Insights, is that you can now look at exactly what's happening in your production workloads by downloading the .etl traces, and then use WPA to investigate it up close. Every process and thread, all the callstacks, both sampled and scheduled (readying/readied), all the waits are there for you to explore and optimize. This is the same technology Microsoft is using to optimize the performance of its own products.

    Check out for details.

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