Build productive Python web applications with Visual Studio Code, Azure and Azure DevOps

Play Build productive Python web applications with Visual Studio Code, Azure and Azure DevOps
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"Want to deploy your Python web applications in just one click?
In this video Nina Zakharenko will show you how to configure Visual Studio Code as a productive Python development environment, and use integrations to easily create, debug, and deploy Python applications to the cloud with Azure Web Apps on Linux. Want to ship code faster? Nina will teach you how, using Azure DevOps to automatically build and deploy your apps.

Python on Azure:
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The Discussion

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    Hello Nina,

    I watch your video how you deploy python Django web application using azure code on azure devpos.
    I have few questions I have python Django web application running on my local machines complete awesome.
    Now I want to deploy that application on azure devpos. My web application have many python library like numpy,
    read excel file and many more python library those library support my web application and functionality of my web
    application I want to deploy complete application on azure devpos web app service can you help me
    or can you make video on that how I can do that Step by step make video like how can I make start file or supporting file like web.config file etc

    thanks in advance

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    You might be interested in a new Azure Friday video series the covers all your questions --

    Regarding your dependencies, App Service will automatically detect and install any dependencies specified in a requirements.txt file at the root of your project. 

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