What’s New in Visual Studio 2019

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    Will there be an option to enable title bar, I am using it for comfortably transfer Visual Studio between screens, so I will appreciate that.

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    Polish subtitles from google translation ;)
    Bad idea.

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    Holy * people actually clicked on this...
    I c l I c k e d t o o

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    What I'd love to see is an easy way to create function prototypes from existing functions.  Right click, it could either create it somewhere it knows to or just keep appending to clipboard so at end, can paste it all.

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    Thanks for the info, but I felt that the recaps after every bit were really unnecessary, to the point where it's annoying.

    In future video's please condense the information, more cool new stuff, less telling me what you're going to tell or what you just told me.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


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    Great job! Thanks.

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    The Code cleanup looks like a promissing start, please add an option to sort members of the class alphabetically (as well as by their accessibility)

    I'm currently using CodeMaid for this, but it would be great if it was included in the VS itself.


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