Play General AI Challenge and Microsoft Azure
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This video is intended for General AI Challenge participants and people who would like to participate in this challenge.

The General AI Challenge is a competition by GoodAI designed to tackle crucial research problems in human-level AI development, with $5mil prize fund for multiple rounds.


​The first round of the General AI Challenge is dedicated to gradual learning. The goal is to create and train an AI agent that will demonstrate the ability to use previously learned skills to more readily learn new skills.

Here's your chance to have an active hand in developing safe and beneficial general-purpose artificial intelligence!


To train and test the agents, the participants are given free access to Microsoft Azure cloud space, provided by Microsoft Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In this webinar we will go through:

[01:30] Azure activation in BizSpark program

[05:08] Azure overview in general

[21:35] Specific workloads needed for Challenge (VMs, Docker, ML)

[01:08:26] Task and evaluation criteria

[01:20:59] Q&A 



Tomáš Prokop - Startup manager, Microsoft Czech republic and Slovakia

Jan Hájek - Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Czech republic and Slovakia

Jan Pospíšil - Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Czech republic and Slovakia

Martin Poliak - Senior Researcher, GoodAI





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