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    More than 10 years ago I asked some Microsoft specialist about the performance and memory management of c# applications.
    The answer was: "do not worry about that, because 5-10% performance which you loose by using c# is not a significant problem".

    One of the reason why people choose Linux is the performance, memory management, parallel HPC computing and similar issues, because Linux is a primary tools in all kind of large scale parallel HPC computing and performance optimization.

    After more than 10 years ... .net and c# is moving to Linux ...
    So it looks like this 5-10% of performance actually matter to many people.

    However, in the new features of c# there is nothing about memory management, performance and similar issues.
    The future of c# and .net looks really ... interesting ...

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    Jedrek, .net is not about performance. it's about ease of use, toolset, time to market. what you end up with is a slower system but cost less to build. that's about it.

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    .NET has been running on Linux and OS X since the release of .NET Mono in 2004,12 years ago:


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    Shame F# isn't given even a fraction of the attention and budget of C#. Apple and Facebook have both copied F# and Apple see Swift as its primary language. Given that the great masses of .NET devs only write simple LOB apps and had no problem transitioning into C# when it was brand new, trying a language that's been out for nine years would be a no brainer _if the tooling was there_. People could immediately build what they are building now only with less code, more readable code, fewer bugs and unless the JIT folks mess up again, better performance. F# being a niche language is only because the tooling isn't there - despite herculean efforts by a friendly and hard-working community of contributors (I'm just a grumpy consumer). 

    Deprecate C#, I e treat it like VB, and put all money into F#. The world would quickly be a better place

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