Azure IoT Edge in the Real World

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Microsoft has been a leader in cloud based IoT services for a number of years. The heart of Azure's IoT offering is IoT Hubs. IoT Hubs provide a secure bidirectional communication service with devices in the field using standard protocols like HTTPS, AMQPS, and MQTTS. The open standards make it possible for many but not ALL devices in the field to communicate directly with IoT Hubs. For devices that don't have TCP/IP connectivity but may have Bluetooth, RF, or other communication capabilities a gateway device is needed. In this session we'll see how Azure IoT Edge (formerly the Azure IoT Gateway SDK) can be used to connect "edge" devices in the field to Azure IoT Hubs as well as how to move some of the analytics and filtering to the edge helping to reduce latency, bandwidth and costs when a roundtrip to the cloud can be avoided.







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