Introducing .NET Core 2.0

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.NET Core burst onto the scene with cross-platform support. In the time since its initial release, the team has added hundreds of new APIs to make development easier than ever. We will also look at .NET Standard and what this means for your projects: why would I want to use .NET Standard? How does this make my project better? What's involved in making a .NET Standard project? We will review the new capabilities of .NET Core 2.0 and how to update your application from .NET Core 1.0 to 2.0.







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The Discussion

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    is this session will be uploaded whats taking this long ? 

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    If RuntimeIdentifiers allow you to create a .net standard library that will not run on all implementations of that standard version, then what's the point of having this standard?

    I assume .net 2.0 (that sharpziplib targets) has some api's that are not part of standard 2.0 and that's why you need the RuntimeIdentifiers so you can kind of hack it to work anyway?

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