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Effective game monetization is about more than just throwing In-App Purchase (IAP) items into your game and hoping for the best. Today, too many Free2Play developers have left their players feeling uncomfortable about spending money through poor game design: so much so that for many gamers, avoiding paying has become half of the fun. The problem is too many game designers fail to appreciate that players don't buy IAP just because they "like" our games - they buy because they expect future value in our games. And in order to maximize this sense of value, even our IAP-related design choices must be geared towards enhancing our players' desire to continue playing our game. Lifetime Value (LTV) is about focusing on the lifetime of the player, not just how much money we can extract from then in the short term. This tale will explore what influences our players' decisions to keep playing and spend money in games by focusing on their delight using effective game design techniques that deepen player engagement. Join me to learn how you can approach IAPs more creatively and to build more effective monetization while still respecting (and not angering) your players.

Speaker: Oscar Clark (Unity)





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