Play MVC 3 – 101

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    Really great session

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    there are some encoding problems on the web viewing at a few parts. But its a great video regardless.

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    O M

    Online streaming didn't work for me in IE8 or FF. So downloading...

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    why source code is not attached..?
    It can help us learn more.....

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    Indeed the stream does not seem to work. Downloading it.

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    Was very excited to find this basic intro to MVC. One of the developers I work with recommended it. Much better than reading a book - but it doesn't stream. I'm resorting to downloading which seems slow, but to be working. - Snrky from

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    Can't play the mp4 Zune file on a windows phone 7 device.

    Getting the "Sorry, we can't play this file on your phone." error.

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    Video is not available :(

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    Great session!

    Nice tool (glimpse) for debugging on the server. 




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    It's very good video .. still I have many questions.

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    G Ch Vishnu Vardhan Reddy

    Ya its good for a beginer to have good idea on MVC 3


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    manjunath Waddar

    This video is awesome for the beginers....since i am fresher it helped so much to understand basics of diffrence between web forms,web pages,and mvc....i learnt how they are helping in developing application in different ways.Thats great upload the videos like this to make us happy....

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    This is a really informative and interesting video!  I particularly like the brief intro and demo of Scott's favorite package add-ins (e.g. Modernize, Nuget, and especially Glimpse (which is brilliant) as Scott pointed out).

    BTW:  I downloaded the WMV and watched it without problems off-line (and didn't try to view it on-line).

    Suggestion:  It would be VERY helpful to have the links to all references made available in a small text file that could be downloaded.  I'm now re-viewing the whole hour just to pause and write down the links manually (ugh!).

    Thanks again Scott for your great work!


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    Manish langa

    hey Scott ... great work!

    its really a very helpful to me to start MVC3

    good for a beginner to have good idea on MVC 3


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    Sorry guys, I may have missed the answer to this question in one of your comments...How can I get the width of my datepicker field to default down to the size of the other fields on the form? The fields are the same size in IE. What should I do if I'm using Fire Fox? Thanks.

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    Ioan Bucur

    Wow! Even long after Asp Mvc 3 it is just great to watch this video. We can very well see the teacher inside Scott Hanselman which makes this video clear and full of usefull information.

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    Thanks for the session Smiley

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    Patrick Melia

    Great video, only thing is I am trying this with mvc 4. Its a different application I am building. I am using bootstrap and the way you did it for the datepicker. I tried it your way and its not working for me. Any way you can help me Scott?

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    Shivam Bhardwaj

    Hi everyone ,
    While implementing the same code I am facing on problem my db is created by default one ,may be because while making that object as global I am facing the prob of "The provider did not return a ProviderManifestToken string" at the Line in Personcontroller db.people.Add(person); .Can any one help me out why it is ? I will be thanx full to him .

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