NuGet In Depth: Empowering Open Source on the .NET Platform

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The Discussion

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    Naga Harish

    Nice session... I like the Blue screen and NuGet very much ;)

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    High Quality WMV is 1.28GB but the server does not support resume?! Common.. I want to see this presentation as crisp as it gets Smiley (my download crashed at 800mb :/) .. well.. let's go again..

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    "I'm a developer, I don't actually read instructions" Cool

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    Jay R Wren

    I like to watch these with WMP at double speed but most of them wouldn't play back at a different speed. The Low Quality iPod version plays at 2X. JFYI

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    johnny young

    the possibility of subtitles in Spanish? maybe is useful

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    @johnny young: they can't do that. Scott Hanselman Jokes cannot be translated to any other language. Maybe in German but it should be in Hanselman's German accent 

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