Real World Architecture with ASP.NET MVC

Play Real World Architecture with ASP.NET MVC
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The Discussion

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    Absolutely briljant session. Very usefull.

    Normally, these sessions only show "what's possible" and not "what's best" but Hadi really shows some real world 'challenges' and how to solve them.

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    You can write bad code with MVC and easily write good code with Webforms. IMHO is your introduction somewhat misleading...

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    Hadi Hariri


    Are you sure that's what I said? I recall saying that you can write bad code with WebForms and with MVC.

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    A lot of areas covered (maybe a little too much for the time given?).

    However, learned a few things I didn't know previously. Can't ask for more than that!

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    Theres is some source code?

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    Good content excellently presented. Looking forward to your next talk!

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    Excellent talk!! Where can I get the demoed code?

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    gregor suttie

    You just covered everything I need to learn lol - many thanks!

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