What is Chef? Recipes, Cookbooks, and Community, Oh My!

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Nathen Harvey, VP of Community Development at Chef, tells us about Chef's three open source projects: Chef for infrastructure automation, Habitat for application automation, and Inspect for compliance control—as well as the importance of the active, caring, wickedly smart, and fast growing community of Chef engineers, contributors, and users. He also introduces their new Chef Automate, a framework that ties together Chef's open source offerings and manages workflow, infrastructure visibility, and compliance monitoring.

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  • [00:46] What is Chef?
  • [02:35] Chef for infrastructure automation
  • [09:35] Habitat for application automation
  • [15:11] Inspect for compliance control
  • [20:19] Chef Automate to tie it all together
  • [23:21] Value of community
  • [25:24] Becoming part of the Chef community

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