Sharing “Awesome” Across Multiple Screens

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That thing where you build a phone app and you can just install it on a PC in addition to the phone you built the app for in the first place, yeah, it's not gonna happen.  By now you may already know that Windows Phone apps won't run on Windows 8.  Now, before you say "That is so stupid", here's the deal:  we did it on purpose.  Really, we did.  Not to tick you off, but more so because a phone app simply does not belong on anything other than a phone form factor.  We believe that developers should share the code and logic behind the scenes and create separate UIs for the phone and PC.  In this session you'll learn how you can make this code sharing idea happen.  Using an architectural pattern known as MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) and a construct made easy in Visual Studio 2012 known as the Portable Class Library.









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