Developer Movement Phone Camp

Clearly, when people think about smartphones today, they think of the iOS and Android
platforms. We get that. All that said, you may (or rather, may not) be surprised to hear that Windows Phone is making some amazing strides in handset sales. Steve Ballmer (Microsoft's CEO) recently announced that Windows Phone sales have quadrupled year-over-year and the trends are continuing to show some great acceleration in the adoption of Windows Phone. This is great news for developers with apps and games in the Windows Phone Store today. This workshop is all about getting you started. If you build for other mobile platforms, we'll have some great content for you to get onboard. If you are a web developer, we have some great guidance on how to start building hybrid apps with HTML5 and native code as well. All in all, any developer attending this workshop will learn how to build great apps for Windows Phone and by the end you'll be ready to start the journey! It's the right time to jump into experiencing building apps and games for Windows Phone. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to develop for Windows Phone.