An Introduction to Windows Phone 8 Development

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I get it.  I say Windows Phone, you laugh.  I say Microsoft loves web standards, you look at me with that "You're bad and you should feel bad" look.  Trust me, I've seen it all.  Well, in this event, we will change the way you look and think about Microsoft, Windows Phone and building web standards-based mobile experiences that look awesome on Windows Phone.  But first, you need to know what the Windows Phone platform has to offer.  That's where this session comes in.  Get ready for a whirlwind tour of Windows Phone.









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The Discussion

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    Looking forward to what the Windows Phone Team are going to tell us at Build, next week. They have been very quiet of late, and got the impression that Microsoft team were giving up on the platform for Indie Developers, after 'depreciating' XNA. Which kinda explains why the WP8 Apps Marketplace has become stalled of late.

    We are seeing what they announce at Build, before we decide to renew our developer subscription this time around. We seeing better results on unified Android for Phones and Tablets, using Mono game.

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    Vinnie Davis

    If you don't have the Open In Blend Option you can do this to automate it for you.

    In The Menu at the top of Visual Studio Click
    Tools > External Tools...

    Then Add a new Entry, It should look like this.

    If you can't see that Image here is what it says.

    Title: Open In Blend
    Command(Your Blend Location): C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Blend\Blend.exe
    Arguments: $(ProjectDir)$(ProjectFileName)

    Now to open the project in blend it's as simple as going to the Tools menu and clicking Open In Blend.

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