Developer Movement DevCamp

Join host Jonathan Rozenblit and various Developer Movement Developer Mentors in a series of virtual camps themed around what you want to build! By taking in these virtual camps you'll be investing in your hobby, app development! They're your forcing functions to actually get you to go for it and build apps (you'll thank yourself later, you know it!). You'll learn everything you need in order to get started as well as give you a solid foundation from which you and your Developer Mentor can build and get you publishing apps.

In this camp, you'll get just enough Windows Store, Windows Phone, and Windows Azure knowledge to know where you'll feel most comfortable and where you'll be able to get the most number of apps done (and therefore rack up the most number of points!). By the end of this camp, you'll also know which platform peeks your interest, where you'll feel most comfortable, and then know which additional camps you'll want to watch on-demand.


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