SmartGlass at E3 2012

Play SmartGlass at E3 2012

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    This thing has huuuge potential but i really wish they'd release some more technical details.. i hear its html5 based but other than that...

    Also what would be really cool is if you can push content from the pc as well. flight sims? yeah. fps? ammo, stats.. RTS? map, build queues... it would be awsome.

    hopefully they wont lock it down to much 

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    Jerry Bacon

    Yeah great! but with the existing bugs, IE10 will only cause problems in new form factors. A very cruital and known bug in IE (since IE7 till date - IE10 in Win8-RP) makes it impossible to rely on... IE amnesia:

    I'm not sure how the XBox version of IE10 would react in case of power loss. Apperantly, IE team has closed this issue with "Won't Fix" status! The OP can't reproduce this issue in FF. I can't reproduce this issue in Chrome and Safari either. And since the genius IE team at Microsoft never faced the abrupt power loss, they don't care what consumers are been through. "Now Compromise!" eh, Microsoft really??

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