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In the brief introduction, you'll learn about the F# ecosystem. How does the F# Software Foundation, the F# team at Microsoft and the open-source community around the F# language work? What interesting projects are there, both inside Microsoft and in the community? And how to get in touch and join the community?

The ability to take data, understand it, visualize it and extract useful information from it is becoming a hugely important skill. How can you turn all those logs, histories of purchases and trades or open government data, into useful information that help your business make money?

In this talk, we'll look at doing data science using FsLab, an F# library for data science. The F# language is perfectly suited for this task – type providers integrate external data directly into the language – your language suddenly understands CSV, XML, JSON, REST services and other sources. The interactive development style makes it easy to explore data and test your algorithms as you're writing them. Rich set of libraries for working with data frames, time series and for visualization gives you all the tools you need. And finally – F# easily integrates with statistical environments like R, giving you access to the industry standard libraries.





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