Building mobile apps using Xamarin and F#

Play Building mobile apps using Xamarin and F#
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Xamarin is well known as a platform for building cross-platform mobile apps using C#, but did you know it also supports F#? In this session we'll look at the F# support in Visual Studio for mobile apps, starting with building a 'Hello World' app using Xamarin.Forms, then expanding on this to a simple game, showing how to bridge the world between functional programming and the OO world of UIs.







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The Discussion

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    Awesome Talk Jim! I was really excited to see Elmish.XamarinForms! 

    I also enjoyed your Open FSharp talk about how you and your co-worker got F# into a production app.  My favorite line in there was, "if you can't get permission do it anyway".  I also like to introduce new technologies without permission because its easier to show than to explain the benefits. 

    I believe the F# Xamarin.Forms template is still missing in Visual Studio 2017.  If you work with that team maybe you could suggest they add it. 

    Keep up the good work!

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    @awright181:Thanks! Glad you enjoyed both talks.

    The templates are not in the latest stable release, but we are actively working on them. We'll be trying to get to parity with the C# forms templates on both VS2017 and VS for Mac in the very near future. Not sure on the release date, but we're working hard on a few F# things so it should be pretty soon.

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