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Windows 10 runs on a broader set of devices than ever before. From the ARM-A7 based Raspberry PI 2 all the way to an XBOX One or a HoloLens, it's the same underlying core Windows operating system on all devices.   The power of that operating system is surfaced to developers by the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), also available on all of the Windows devices. By building on the UWP a developer can choose to write and deploy binary code that will run on all Windows devices or they can use the flexibility of the platform to specialise their code for a particular family of devices.  In this session, we'll introduce Windows 10, the ideas of 'One Core OS', 'One Platform' and 'One Store' and we'll use Visual Studio and .NET code to illustrate how the UWP works across devices.






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The Discussion

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    Michael Robinson

    Windows 10 has been a pleasant surprise, faster and more sure-footed than 7.

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    mtaultyMike Taulty


    I need to flag that there's a 'bug' in this video :) I goofed on the day and forgot to include a piece of code that's really quite critical.

    At 12 minutes 43 seconds into this video I say "All you have to do is make a runtime check to make sure that it's ok to use the APIs that you want on a particular device family".

    At around 28 minutes into the video, I forget to actually do that. When I'm writing a function called DoSomeGpioWork() I should actually be wrapping all of that code in an IF statement that checks that it's ok to use the GPIO APIs. I could do that by checking at the API level or the Contract level and I'd usually use the contract level with some code like;

    if (Windows.Foundation.Metadata.ApiInformation.IsApiContractPresent(

    "Windows.Devices.DevicesLowLevelContract", 1))


    // Do GPIO Work


    I got away with this in the talk but it's important to flag that it was my mistake on the day and so I thought that I'd add it here to make sure it was clear.




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