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The Windows 10 universal app platform is designed to enable game developers to create high performance games that can target the broadest range of devices with a single code base. Whether you're planning the next AAA blockbuster, or building a mobile mini-game in your basement, Windows provides flexibility and power that you need. This session will introduce Microsoft's latest game development tools, platform, services and ecosystem. Come see demonstrations, best practices and learn proven usage patterns that leverage DirectX and the WinRT APIs to target the Xbox and Windows ecosystem of devices.





The Discussion

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    I wondered what Mr Box had been up to.  great stuff.

    (also an interesting juxtaposition of hair).

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    Since Microsoft dropped XNA and C# game development, we moved to Monogame and now develop our Indie Games for iOS and Android using Xamarin using Visual Studio. Microsoft cannot expect all us Indie de slopes to go back to C++ code, after the great XNA development experience.

    If Microsoft want more Indie Games developers then it needs to bring back XNA and C# game development.

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    Where can I find the slide deck?

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    Bill Herald

    The default video on this page is linked to an Office video. Please check out and fix. I am using Windows 8.1 RT. Thanks.

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    Bill Herald

    Thank you, it is the correct video now.

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    XNA is a great tool for creating games, because they have been abandoned if the success in creating 2d games, I will not learn in any case CPLUS migrare to jacascript

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