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    So can you clarify if universal apps are able to run on the exclusive partition at all? are they allowed to do that if they g othough a publisher/id@xbox or are they compltley locked out of that?

    If so that is very disapointing.. it would mean that you'd need two deployments, one for universal apps and one for the xdk and it greatly diminishes the value prop of using universal apps for high end pc games :/

    Please enable universal apps to take advantage of the exclusive partition as well, even if it means having to go though a publisher/id@xbox [for targeting that]. Only being able to run on the system partition will severely limit the kind of games that will be worth while doing as universal apps..

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    @aL3891:I agree, as an indie game dev with a few games in the top 25 on the windows store I would love to be able to port my universal app based games to the xbox one!

    It would be horrible if this is not the case.

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