A C++ REST SDK: OSS web services on Windows and Linux

Play A C++ REST SDK: OSS web services on Windows and Linux
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C++ 11 is a thoroughly modern and productive language, but it is often seen as long in the tooth when it comes to connecting to cloud. In particular, consuming and authoring REST services in C++ can be pretty hard, often hard enough to want to switch to another language such as Java or C# to meet development needs. That said, the problem lies not in the language itself, but in the lack of modern mainstream libraries that remove the headache from accessing the Web in C++.

In this talk, we'll take a look at the C++ REST SDK—a new cross-platform library for consuming REST services in C++. REST SDK exposes its asynchronous APIs through a composable model based on tasks. It's the elegance and productivity of JavaScript with the performance and control that you'd expect from C++.








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