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In order to successfully deliver new and innovative C++ compiler technology on a regular basis, compiler vendors must respond to yearly microprocessor advancements. Additionally, the C++ language continues to evolve (and at a faster pace than ever before) with new standards such as C++11, C++14 , and C++17.  Combined, the constant evolution of hardware, language, and tooling adds a great deal of complexity to an already complicated task: shipping innovative compiler technology at a predictable (and suitably fast) rate, while coming extremely close to providing "mission critical correctness."  This talk will provide deep insights into the details of delivering automatic parallelism from unaltered C++, scalar optimization to address code size in Windows, and security features in the latest generation of the VC++ compiler. Finally, Jim will introduce some compiler technologies that are currently in development; one's that might soon see the light of day. This should provide a peek under the covers for users as well as hardware manufacturers and language designers.







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