C++ and the Windows Runtime

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    Is there anyone have streaming problem, or is it just my local connection? I cannot seem to get the stream. The Silverlight progress bar is just spinning and I don't pick up anything.

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    Now suddenly the stream faucets seems to be open, yay! Akamai?

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    I wasn't really impressed by this session. It felt like marketing fluff, and the most interesting piece out of it was that the C++/CX stuff wraps a COM call so that you don't explicitly have to check the HRESULTs.

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    @billatq: We purposely asked Ales to keep this high level because:

    a) He had 35 minutes to introduce WinRT to many who know little about it...
    b) The talk after his will go deeper (and is 60mins...)

    This is not marketing fluff (Ales is an engineer, not a marketing executive). The uber points were clear: WinRT is a C++ system. Windows is committed to C++ and C++ developers. WinRT is the modern Windows development platform, designed to support multiple languages, especially C++. I thought that was all really well delivered.

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    Yet another (non-portable) DSL from Microsoft?

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    @Charles: That sounds suspiciously like marketing fluff to me, but I'll agree to disagree.

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    This is no different than C and C++ extensions from the other compiler vendors.

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    Interesting and informative. Thank You.

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    Beginning to look at c++ for Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8 Development and the picture seems quite bleak.

    - Trying to work with c++ for these two platforms one creates horrible horrible c++ code such as:

    SetValue(_defaultViewModelProperty, refnewMap<String^,Object^>(std::less<String^>()));

    This code is of course not portable and people used to c++ won't even understand it & go & try using such code for android or osx ios apps.

    So far, i couldn't find a single good example from Microsoft (or anyone else) with a big portion of standard c++ code, and only a small portion of horrible Platform dépendent code. Please please show me I'm wrong, list links and even better make c9 videos.

    - Getting accustomed to the Microsoft Virtual Academy, everything is done with xaml/c#. Example "Build Apps for Both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Jump Start" or "Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start".

    - It seems to me nothing has changed and c#/xaml is de facto the only model supported by Microsoft.

    - c++ seems limited to scenarios where you want to do almost everything by yourself (e.g. hardcore directx c++ non portable programming). So c++ doesn't work well with higher level winRT libraries, or to make it work one has to write tons of horrible c++ code lines making it absolutely not Worth the effort and strongly suggesting using c# instead.

    - Microsoft seems committed to c++, but only as a Tool to write its own OSes and applications, and not committed to c++ for developpers that want to use the language for what it's good, notably portability and reuse.

    - Please prove me wrong and make a series detailing a non trivial app running on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Android & ios with most it developped in real standard c++, plus a part that is Platform specific.

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    jennifer neal

    I really know nothing about computers, this talk made things so easy for me to understand, as far as what RT means. Thank you for teaching this.

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    Kirk Patrick

    Thank you Ales! Like you, I have defended C++ and have the scars to prove it!

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