New standards to the rescue: the view through an IDE’s glasses

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We often talk about how new language features can help developers to write more accurate and concise code. There is another type of discussion to be had on how tools help leverage language issues and support developers. How about quite a third perspective? Which is about how language can help tools to do better. As C++ tools vendors, we use to share our experience with C++ language trickiness and peculiarities, including preprocessor and non-trivial parsing. It’s time now to talk about the view on the upcoming language changes through the IDE’s glasses. In this talk I’ll identify the most important issues with the language from the IDE’s perspective and will show how new language standards, as well as other initiatives like C++ Core Guidelines, are helpful and beneficial to the IDEs. I’ll cover a variety of features from if constexpr to Concepts and Modules, as well as std2 and some other initiatives that are no more than proposals at this point. Come and see the language from our perspective.



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