Deconstructing the OS: The devil’s In the side effects

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IncludeOS is a library operating system, where your C++ application pulls in exactly what it needs and turns it into a bootable binary. But once you have your standalone program with standard libraries, what do you really need from an operating system? In this talk we’ll show you some exciting developments in unikernel OS- and hypervisor design, ranging from a single-function do-it-all hardware interface for everything needed to run a web server, to a full on object-oriented ecosystem giving your C++ application total control over everything from devices, drivers and plugins, to every protocol in an internet enabled host. We’re running a full IP stack on platforms ranging from full blown server hardware to inside a single unit test in userspace and we still want more. We’ll discuss how minimal can be combined with maximal - giving you lots of modern abstractions while keeping the final binary as lean and mean as possible.



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