From security to performance to GPU programming: exploring modern allocators

Play From security to performance to GPU programming: exploring modern allocators
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Want to make fast linked lists? Want to store sensitive data in memory? Want to place std::unordered_map in thread-local memory? Shared memory? How about GPU memory? You can do that in today’s C++ with allocators, the secret components of every STL container. Allocators went through a quiet revolution in C++11 and a major expansion in C++17. What did that give us? We'll look at the allocators available today in C++17, boost, TBB, and other popular libraries, and demonstrate some of the amazing things that can be achieved by taking the step beyond the stack and the heap. This talk is not about allocator implementation, but is a showcase of the things that can be done with off-the-shelf allocators available now and with C++17.



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