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C++ is a language full of curiosities, and entices the curious. This session will will walk through half a dozen little code explorations of ideas that might have been solved in 5 minutes, but piqued my curiosity to keep digging and see just how completely or thoroughly they might be solved, and what we can learn about the language and the way it holds together along the way. Fundamentally, it is about the joy of exploring code long after the problem has been solved, to find those satisfying solutions to problems that don't need solving! There will not be much deep learning; instead, there will be numerous insights into corners of the language that are often (for good reason!) unexplored, that might help with the big picture when debugging some obscure bugs. In particular, constexpr and templates will be exercised, and some compiler limits may be tested. We will demonstrating code that will the the gamut of C++98 though to C++17, and even poke into experimental pending features such as concepts.



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