Practical Patterns with the Networking TS

Play Practical Patterns with the Networking TS
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Networking is coming to a standard near you — but how do you use it? Based on similar concepts found in Boost.Asio, the Networking TS provides a rich API for synchronous and asynchronous network communications. The library boasts an impressive TTHW indicator (Time To Hello World); however, implementing robust client and server solutions often baffles newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike. Inspiration for this talk comes from the questions we have received on IRC, Slack, reddit, private emails, and classes we teach. In this tutorial, Michael will provide a quick crash-course on using the Networking TS for asynchronous communication and then present patterns and idioms used at Ciere to address subjects including: * Lifetime issues * Clean startup and shutdown * Timeouts, errors, and exceptions * Taming events * Decoupling and layering This session will be of interest to individuals wanting to get started with the Networking TS or who need some inspiration in building robust systems. Many of the techniques presented will also be applicable with Boost.Asio and the standalone Asio libraries.



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