Understanding the runtime behaviors of C++ programs using uftrace tool

Play Understanding the runtime behaviors of C++ programs using uftrace tool
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This talk will present the uftrace function graph tracing tool, which was first introduced at CppCon last year. The uftrace tool utilizes function instrumentation techniques from compilers to provide deeper understanding of execution behaviors in C/C++ programs. uftrace provides multiple ways to analyze the runtime behavior of C/C++ programs and measures the execution time of each function without source code modification. In addition, uftrace is highly configurable and allows the user to apply numerous filters to any function in the program. The recorded trace data can be displayed in the console or in a graphical output such as chrome trace viewer or flamegraph. In this talk, Honggyu will present the uftrace internals, recent changes and how it can be practically used on production quality C++ projects. For more information, please visit https://github.com/namhyung/uftrace.



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