Tools and Techniques To Stay Up-to-date With Modern C++

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Since 2011, C++ has been on a massive roll. New C++ standards in 2011, 2014 and 2017. A growing number of new TSes and proposals for new features to be standardized. Following even just a few C++ luminaries on Twitter feels like drinking from a firehose: blog posts galore, radical new ideas, new techniques, new libraries, new conference videos, new open source projects... Does anyone else feel overwhelmed? In this talk I will show you some techniques and tools to stay on top of modern C++ development and still keep your sanity. I'll show you how to use various simple forms of testing to get acquainted with new and unfamilar C++ techniques, how to write your own Clang-based tools to explore new libraries and code bases, how to use simple Python scripts that make it easier to reason about some of the more opaque corners of C++ (e.g. the preprocessor and error messages), and more.



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