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Developing consistent and meaningful benchmark results for code is a complex task. Measurement tools exist (Intel® VTune™ Amplifier, SmartBear AQTime, Valgrind, etc.) external to applications, but they are sometimes expensive for small teams or cumbersome to utilize. Celero is a small library which can be added to a C++ project and perform benchmarks on code in a way which is easy to reproduce, share, and compare among individual runs, developers, or projects. This talk will start with an overview of baseline benchmarking, how proper measurements are made, and offer guidelines for performance optimization. It will then walk developers through the process of developing benchmark code in a way similar to many unit testing libraries. Through practical examples, methods for benchmark design and debugging will be explored. We will then use the library to plot and understand the results. In the end, attendees should feel comfortable exploring the use of Celero in their own projects and adding baseline benchmarking to their testing and delivery processes.



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