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You care about the performance of your C++ code. You have followed basic patterns to make your C++ code efficient. You profiled your application or server and used the appropriate algorithms to minimize how much work is done and the appropriate data structures to make it fast. You even have reliable benchmarks to cover the most critical and important parts of the system for performance. But you're profiling the benchmark and need to squeeze even more performance out of it... What next? This talk dives into the performance and optimization concerns of the important, performance critical loops in your program. How do modern CPUs execute these loops, and what influences their performance? What can you do to make them faster? How can you leverage the C++ compiler to do this while keeping the code maintainable and clean? What optimization techniques do modern compilers make available to you? We'll cover all of this and more, with piles of code, examples, and even live demo. While the talk will focus somewhat on x86 processors and the LLVM compiler, but everything will be broadly applicable and basic mappings for other processors and toolchains will be discussed throughout. However, be prepared for a lot of C++ code and assembly.



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