The Future of Texture Compression

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Textures and images are everywhere in today's world. Compressing those images well improves streaming performance, video, dramatically reduces the size and download times of apps. It can give you more realistic virtual reality experiences, more apps that can run on a small mobile device, a better digital map of our world, it can reduce our impact on climate change through storage savings, and so much more. In the past few years, because of the rapid development in GPUs and innovations in algorithms, the way we approach texture compression has changed. Binomial is developing Basis, a supercompressed texture solution that will also provide an open file format standard in the graphics industry through The Khronos Group that's free for anyone to target. Basis is also written entirely in C++. Binomial co-founders Rich Geldreich and Stephanie Hurlburt will present their latest work in Basis and give insights into how texture compression will continue to evolve.



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