C++17 Features (part 1 of 2)

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The feature set for the C++17 release is set, and the release of the standard is just around the corner. In this session, we'll discuss all the new C++ features in C++17 and how they'll change the way we write C++ software. We'll explore the new standard in breath, not width, covering a cornucopia of core language and library features and fixes: Language Changes (part 1): Structured bindings Selection statements with initializers Compile-time conditional statments Fold expressions Class template deduction auto non-type template parameters inline variables constexpr lambdas Unary static_assert Guaranteed copy elision Nested namespace definitions Preprocessor predicate for header testing Library Changes (part 2): string_view optional variant any Parallel algorithms Filesystem support Polymorphic allocators and memory resources Aligned new Improved insertion and splicing for associative containers Math special functions Variable templates for metafunctions Boolean logic metafunctions



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