GoingNative 2012

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GoingNative 2012 is a 48 hour, globally live-streamed technical event for those who push the boundaries of general purpose computing by exploiting the true capabilities of the underlying machine: C++ developers. Distinguished speakers include the creator of C++, Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ Standards Committee Chair, Herb Sutter, C++ template and big compute master, Andrei Alexandrescu, STL master Stephan T. Lavavej, LLVM/Clang developer Chandler Carruth, distributed and parallel computing expert Hans Boehm, and C++ library design expert and ISO committee member Andrew Sutton.

"C++11 feels like a new language" says C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup. Tune in and find out why.


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  • Threads and Shared Variables in C++11
  • STL11: Magic && Secrets
  • Variadic Templates are Funadic
  • Clang: Defending C++ from Murphy's Million Monkeys
  • Static If I Had a Hammer
  • A Concept Design for C++