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HTML5 Web Camp Belgium

WebSockets on Fire

While the WebSockets API specification is not stable yet, various browser
vendors have already implemented a prototype in their latest browser versions.
Microsoft released their WebSockets prototype in December 2010. While there is
no native implementation of WebSockets in IE9 just yet, for now they are
providing a solution which works cross-browser, relying on a Silverlight client.
Server-side a Windows Communication Foundation server is made available, which
implements the latest version of the WebSockets protocol.

In this session, Jef covers the WebSockets fundamentals, demonstrate a proof
of concept that could be used in various fire department web applications and
deep-dive into the code of this proof of concept.

Speaker : Jef Claes, Ferranti

>> Download the PPT here. 

>> Download my DEMO here.





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