Being Zen on Microsoft Azure with Continuous Delivery, Monitoring and Learning

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Ever felt you spend more time packing deployments, configuring test environments and deploying the latest build, in order to please the testers, than you spend writing actual code? Ever had your flow interrupted by the boss wanting a demo environment set up for a customer demo? We simply can't be interrupted in our creational flow of #awesome code by the worldly dealings of these simpletons! Fortunately, built into the Microsoft Azure Platform, there is great support for Continuous Delivery, Monitoring and Learning. With little fuss, you can set up automated builds, test runs and deployments. Equally effortless is the incorporation of Application Insights into your web apps that helps you detect issues early, diagnose & solve problems and understand how your users are experiencing your product. While your users enjoy your production deliverables you learn, improve and fire off the next deployment, perhaps eased into production using the new testing in production features? All of these great services and features are completely automated and built for you so that you may focus on what's important – the uninterrupted development experience. Treat your production environment in Microsoft Azure like your personal laboratory and deliver, monitor learn to be even more awesome in each new line of code!





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